John Quincy Adams A Hero Essay

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n Quincy Adams) There have been many great heroes that this world has seen. There are many people who we could argue on whether or not they are a hero, but even if they do not have superpowers, they can still be titled as a hero. You do not have to have x-ray vision, or be able to fly in order to be a hero, all you have to do is do something heroic, or honorable. Some people may say that these expectations are too easy, and anyone off of the streets can be a hero. Yes it’s true that anyone can be a hero, but not as easily as you may think. There are many great examples of a hero, and we all have our own opinions. My personal opinion is that John Quincy Adams is one of the Greatest heroes in history. John Quincy Adams was one of America’s first…show more content…
Adams paid off much of the national debt. During Adams lifetime technological innovations and new means of communication spread messages of religious revival, social reform and party politics. As the 1824 election came closer, people were searching for candidates. New England voters were amazed by Adams patriotism and political skills. Adams opponents were, John C. Calhoun, William H. Crawford, Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson. Soon Calhoun dropped out, and Crawford became ill. When election day came Andrew Jackson won. Adams scored 113,142 votes. The presidential election fell to the house of Representatives under the terms of the twelfth amendment. Adams was elected to the house on February 9, 1825.Adams proposed a program of internal improvements. He also reduced the national debt from $16 million to $5 million. During his time of presidency, Adams worked on improving America Into a world power. John Quincy Adams term ended in the year of 1829. He was a great president and did many things in his time. He died on February 23, 1848 due to a major stroke. There are also many other great things that John Quincy Adams did in his time as president, but these are the few that I chose to support my reasons why John Quincy Adams was the greatest hero in

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