Short Story C-Cana

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“C-cana, bite my wrist--you need my b-blood, it will heal you... Please take it.” I could barely say as I was crying. She opened her mouth and I drained some blood out of my system into her throat, waiting for it to work...I started to see her wounds heal, all the scratches, gashes, bite marks. I let out a relieved breath, I gave her a big hug. I looked at my dress, it was torn it shreds, I was covered in blood, mud, grass and a little bit of sap... But there were no scratches, my hair was a mess, I needed to shower, like now. I heard the door open and Elena run out, still in werevamp form, she threw herself at Cana and gave her a big hug. Damon rushed and gave me a big hug, he looked at my arms and there was nothing, he too gave a relieved…show more content…
The beast got startled and reared up at him, it charged with a speed that unnatural, it finally got under Damon feet and tripped him. It was stomping all over his head, arms and ribs. I got in front of it just in time and firmly spoke one word, “Stop,” hoping it would work. It snorted and backed up while stomping its hoof, but stayed where it was. “Couldn’t have gotten to me any faster?” Damon said as he was healing, but it was taking a while, the horse did some serious damage upon him. His face was covered in blood, as well as his arms, and I am fairly sure he had a few broken bones. “Damon, do you know what this beast is?” I asked as I got him up, he was still weak but not cowering down. “I don’t care what it is, it’s going to the slaughter house.” HE said again approaching it, I didn’t know what he was going to do. “No, Damon, you can’t...It’s a sacred one.” I said, pleasing him not to harm it. “It’s a sacred psycho, that’s what it is.” He said with a serious smirk smile. “It just tried to kill me and now you want to save it?” He asked while shaking his head in…show more content…
I got up and stroked the magnificent beast, it was pitch black, no markings of any sort, it had black eyes, bloody legs, and blood in the mane and tail, the teeth were pointed. It was a beast straight from a horror story. They are beasts that dwell near streams, forests or cemeteries and known for killing those who mount it without acceptance by drowning them or throwing them into chasms, known as a Cheval Gauvin. “Fine, it better not kill me.” He said pointing at it and looking at it, the Cheval just snorted and stomped, as if to say the same thing. “I’ll train us to protect you, not the other way around, we’ll call you Cheval.” I said with a cheerful giggle, I wanted a chance to tame him, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I wasn’t at all prepared. I looked at him, and touched his back, he bowed his head and let me up. I was nervous, what if I was going to be the next victim, but the can smell fear, so I shoved the fear away and guided him back to the carriage. The other horses saw him and started to rear and winny in fear, they were loud, he froze where he was, not sure what to do. “Damon, calm them down.” I said, but I didn’t get off of

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