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Imagine having a troubling past and deciding to change your life for the better. Just when things are going well your past comes back to ruin everything. How will you finally get away from your past? Now switch gears and picture yourself drowning in so much guilt after your past had arrived in the present and it overwhelms you. You ignore the truth and convince yourself that you didn't do anything wrong to feel less guilty. How far will you go until the guilt eats you alive?Both scenarios are representative of the book And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and the short story “Retrieved Reformation” by O. Henry. In And Then There Were None Agatha Christie talks about 10 guilty murders that are invited to an island by an anonymous person where their crimes get exposed.Soon each character is getting murdered one by…show more content…
In “Retrieved Reformation” by O.Henry a man named Jimmy Valentine, a formal criminal decides to become a better person and improve himself for the better by becoming Ralph D Spencer and starting a new life. As soon things are going well, Ralph has to decide if he should expose his hidden past or not to save a little girl. Although And Then There Were None and “Retrieved Reformation” are completely different stories, they both have characters who show that the past can always come back and ruin your life no matter how hard you try to ignore it. To begin, And Then There Were None uses Vera Claythorne to show that a bad mistake you’ve done in the past can keep popping up in your life even if you convince yourself what you have done isn't as horrible as it seems. The character Vera from And Then There Were None has guilt after killing a boy named Cyril but tries to drain out the increasing

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