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[iry-pct h3ty-c t3yty z3b t3ty.imy3] k3t nbt nt nswt, [The hereditary prince and count, chief justice and vizier, overseer] of all works of the king. [… mdh] qd [nswt] m prwy, [… royal master] builder in both houses (vizier Upper and Lower Egypt). The appearance of the hieroglyphic symbols, qd and k3t nbt nt nswt is what designate Senedjemib as an architect who is responsible for the works and construction of the king’s buildings. Evidence prove that there were other architects and master builders existed between the old and the new kingdom, however the ones selected up to now, were the most notable and well distinguished officials. Imhotep was the pioneer for the first stone building, and the first pyramid, Heminumu was responsible for the biggest pyramid in…show more content…
He was an architect assigned at the worker’s village of Deir El- Medina near the Valley of the Kings. His tomb at Deir el Medina was discovered in 1906 by Arthur Weigall and Ernesto Schiaparelli from the Italian archaeological mission. The tomb was stacked with many items including two cubits (measuring tool), cords, plumbs, levels, squares, and other items with inscriptions, representing his profession as an architect. One of the cubits discovered was gilded and inscribed, may be given to him as an honorary royal gift, while the second was of a folded cubit made of wood, and that was probably used by Kha. An impressive item from the tomb, was a balance scale that was situated on a cylinder base with decorated circular faces (Fig. 3). The item raised new opinions among some scholars. Sparavigna suggested that the decoration resembled a compass rose, therefore it must have been used as a protector for the measuring of angles. If what Sparavigna suggested was right, then this specify the accuracy and brilliance applied by Kha when designing and constructing his

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