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Matt Schneider Mr. Scalzo March 15, 2015 Research Paper The Hebrew Prophet, Jeremiah, lived during the seventh and sixth centuries before Christ. In 627 BC, Jeremiah was called at a young age to be a prophet, and for about fifty years, he held the position of prophet. He was part of a priestly family of Anathoth, a small town northeast of Jerusalem. The areas where Jeremiah mainly preached in the name of God were, his home town, the city of Jerusalem, and, for a while after the fall of Jerusalem, the Jewish colonies in Egypt. His main purpose was to reveal the sins of the Israelites, warn the people of the incoming catastrophe, which was the exile to Babylon, and explain the reason for this incoming destruction and exile by the Babylonian…show more content…
They were also interpreters of truths from God and messengers enlightened by God sent to preach to the people what God's will and hopes to God's chose people, the Israelites. Their missions was to preach God's message as well as foretell future events or catastrophes. They were also called to maintain and develop the information of the past for the chosen people, lead them back when they strayed from being faithful to God, and gradually prepare the way for the new kingdom of God and the Messiah. The prophets would also tell the people special messages called…show more content…
He told them it was because they were straying away from God's presence and that they were not being moral. Jeremiah's second mission had a lot to do with the four themes of the Old Testament prophets. Jeremiah strongly preached against the evilness of idolatry and he warned the people to act justly and treat all the same especially the poor. Jeremiah did not give as much hope to the people for the future. He warned the people of what was to come, but many people did not believe what he told them. Jeremiah also attempted to deepen the people's relationship with God, but many people did not listen to him, they paid more attention to the false prophets because they preached about only good

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