Analyzing The Story 'Good Country People'

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Julie Flynn Page # 1 Mrs. S. Jean Campbell American Literature II March 26, 2015 In the Story “Good Country People” the theme to the story seems to always be the good-VS-evil. Mrs. Hopewell is constantly saying the everyone is good country people and she really believes that everyone is because of people like Ms. Freeman. In my three-part thesis I will talk about the main characters in the story. They are Mrs. Hopewell, Ms. Freeman, Hulga (Joy) and Manley. The good-VS-evil for Mrs. Hopewell is that she is always caught in the belief that everyone is good and that no one is ever evil they are just not Godly. She always thinks everyone fits in the “good country people” category because they are all down to earth types of people. She does see that Ms. Freeman get on her nerves for being so nosey but she keeps her around to help with the household affairs, and she helps with Helga and her problems of being made fun of, her wooden leg and going to school to getting her doctrine in Philosophy. Mrs. Freeman sees all the problems in Helga thinking she…show more content…
She feels isolated because of her disabilities and her thinking her smarter than those around her. She stays to her self writing and making her isolated because of her smartness, which makes her weaker in the sense of worldly manners. She then comes to tell her mom that she doesn’t believe in God and that she is atheist and that is because of her degree. She is innocent in so many ways that Manley takes advantage of this when he shows up at the front door and sees it. She doesn’t believe in love but she says she loves him after they meet and get to talk. She is innocent until Manly loosened her heart took advantage of her and stole her heart and

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