Corruption In The Handmaids Tale

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Religious corruption is primarily present in both novels. In THT, religion is thought to enforce the sexual exploitation of women by this totalitarian society. Atwood attempts to expose the other frightful side of religion to restrain readers from judgments that religion is the solution to every problem as it creates the problem itself. Religious quotations are interpreted incorrectly especially when the handmaids are constantly reminded that they have to procreate as its god command “Be fruitful and multiply” when really also in the Bible “You shall not commit adultery” you shouldn’t even be having sex with a stranger and not before marriage. As a result of this wrong interpretation, women are objectified in this society and are seen as sex objects as Atwood perhaps wants to link this with a real life event which is actually happening in many parts of the world today to highlight to readers the significance of dystopian is actually real, an example of this is in Afghanistan, where women are forced into…show more content…
Banks being an atheist himself, does this to portray to readers that even religion being created to one’s own liking can even destroy an individual rather than satisfying ones soul, Firstly, in THT Atwood uses handmaids as Gilead sees itself as a fundamentalist Christian regime, the Bible is regularly cited. “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” is recited before ‘breakfast’ which ingrained this into the handmaids’ mind giving them the idea that what they’re doing is what god asked for, although it was recited correctly, it had not been interpreted correctly as women were forced to do this. In the USA, Biblical law is separate from state and federal law. You don't need to abide by what your neighbour says in the Bible if you have a different interpretation of

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