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Even though producers try their hardest to entice, and entertain the audience, not all films make it. With this paper, I will be analyzing and discussing the full film and the scene Proving Himself from the movie Quigley Down Under (1990). We will cover look into, are the design elements congruent with the filmmaker’s vision for the scene? Explain how lighting affected the film. We will also touch on the costumes and the use of the mise-en-scene. Quigley Down Under is a western movie made in 1990. It is set in the Australian Outback during the late 1800’s (Wincer, 1990). Stanley O’Toole and Megan Rose produced the film for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) studios. The production designers for the film were actually two separate people Steve…show more content…
A film art director is the administrator of the tasks done by each member of the set building team. They help are the creative genius that must evoke the desired mood, style and theme of the film. The lighting for this particular clip appears to be a natural setting with the actors being placed in positions to use as much of the natural light as possible. It appears to be at a time when the sun is in the highest position so shadows are low on the actors. Throughout the scene, the cameras are moved in a way that keeps them out of the direct light and allows the scene to be viewed as a normal dusty, dirty, “outback” day. Overall, the lighting is used very effective and gives the feel of the “Old West.” The feel of the clip is one that is from the good old days of the gunslinger and cowpoke. The film is set to the theme of the Australian outback. Using the natural area and filming almost every scene in Australia give it that country, outback feel. The time period is easily adjusted by the clothing and film locations. Many places in the natural setting have not changed much since the late 1800’s. The culture really has not changed much because the people have always been a rough, tough group of country

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