Galvanization In Frankenstein

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In the gothic novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, it centers around the use of sending electrical current through a human called galvanization. Victor Frankenstein employs this method of science to bring life to his creature in hopes of understanding how life and death works. Throughout the novel, Frankenstein is in a constant struggle on whether his creation has been for the benefit of mankind or a detriment. Just as Victor creates his own creature, modern-day scientists are working on genetically engineering mosquitoes to help decrease malaria and other diseases. Consequently, there are many skeptics who believe the negative externalities could outweigh the positive and create a new problem for humans, but there are also scientists who…show more content…
When Frankenstein first creates his monster, he understands he now “possessed the capacity of bestowing animation” (43), and would carry many concerns about whether or not he should enjoy such a power. As Frankenstein is now capable of playing “God”, his creation goes rogue on him and devastates his world. The physical and mental effects from the use of galvanization on a human body become apparent as the monster learns and acquires language. The monster has been neglected his whole life and “could with pleasure have destroyed the cottage and its inhabitants” (117), and highlights how Frankenstein's creation is unpredictable and did not turn out how he wanted it to. The ethics behind the creation of the monster are questionable as it has ravaged numerous people’s lives and is a blemish to…show more content…
This would not come within a small window of time either. Frankenstein recollected that “Two years passed in this manner” (41), while he was studying the sciences. Just as it took time to understand how the human body functions, it took time to design a plausible genetic make-up for a mosquito that could abolish certain diseases. In an Oxitec article published in the early months of 2012, it introduces the possibility of the genetically modified mosquito (Oxitec). This process of building the DNA for it has been a long journey and did not happen overnight. In this manner, Frankenstein's monster and Oxitec’s mosquito are very similar to each

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