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Why are Women More Likely to Stay at Home than Men? Statistics show that in America the number of stay at home women have been in the rice in the past 15 years, in the economist it was stated “that In 1967 the share of mothers who did not work outside the home stood at 49%; by the turn of the millennium it had dropped to just 23%. Many thought this number would continue to fall as women sought to “have it all”. Instead, the proportion of stay-at-home mothers has been rising.”(The Economist). The number of women staying at home have been going up instead of demising as expected, taking into consideration that more women are becoming educated and have started working in fields where only mem where allowed to work in, the statistics before mentioned…show more content…
The reason why this is happening could be influenced by many factors, one of them being that as years have passed, immigration has increased so the number of women from different ethnic groups and demographics that have been coming into the country has increased, this influences culture as the role of women in different cultures are different. Another factor that could be influencing is education and the women that are staying at home, are those with college degrees or the ones that do not have an education? this also correlates with the work force since we all know that at many jobs do not offer maternity leave and some women might stop working to take care of their children and get comfortable with being at home, eventually losing the swing of things or the discrimination towards women that have children in the professional world, some jobs are also making it easy for women to work from home. Another factor we can look into to help us answer the question above stated is the expected roles or men and women, as we studied in this class, women are brought up to be caring, to take care of other before themselves, and man are raised to be the strong figures and the breadwinners, so women might be adapting to the original model of gender roles, many men still see house chores as the women job and some women themselves

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