Al-Anon Observation

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For this observation activity a change-promoting group was observed and this group meeting was for Al-Anon. This group is classified as a support group in which membership is completely voluntary. As Forsyth explains on p. 543, this group is intended to “help members cope with and identify solutions to specific problems or life crises”. Specifically, Al-Anon is a self-help program that is problem-focused for families and friends of alcoholics to find support, understanding, and hope. The composition of this group was varied based on age, gender, and ethnicity. There were a total of 14 attendees, not including myself. Of this there were 5 males and 9 females. Their ages were as follows: females- 1 preteen- 8-12 yrs old, 1 age 20-35, 4 ages…show more content…
Some members mingled and talked with other members in the minutes before the meeting start time. While some people, who at first appeared timid and quiet, came in and set down at the tables assembles for the meeting. The meeting began with everyone taking a seat at the tables set up so that all the members could see each other. The people that appeared to be “regular” members of the group smiled and appeared welcoming to the new people in attendance, including myself. The welcoming was very comforting. The volunteer group leader for this meeting opened with the Al-Anon preamble, which gives the members an overview of the group’s purpose and how the group functions as a support…show more content…
555 were observed in this group. Through the sharing of each member’s experiences, strengths and hope they were ultimately incorporating the curative factors. The universality of what they were going through was observed and with the stories of strength, hope was experienced by the new coming members because they heard from others that have improved. Observational and interpersonal learning were provided by these shared experiences. Each person that shared in the group experienced the factors of self-discloser and catharsis by divulging their personal information to others and releasing any pent up emotions. The regular members of the group experience a sense of altruism from helping others in the group. The group also has a high level of cohesion and acceptance because they are all experiencing a shared problem. A deeper understanding of themselves can be gained through the support and guidance of others in the

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