Nt1310 Unit 3

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Viruses Rombertik – aims to gather login information and other personal details from users if successfully infecting your computer. It has protection encrypted within so if at any time thinks that the user notices it and is trying to get rid of it, immediately it will begin to remove certain key files from your computer system resulting in the machine being disabled and unable to function. BBC (2015) Self-destructing virus kills off PCs. Trojan Virus – a programme which initially presents itself as harmless in order to convince a user to install it when actually, it will be harmful. It could be harmful in various ways. Worm Virus – a harmful programme which doesn’t need to be downloaded (like a Trojan). It affects other users through the use of…show more content…
Spyware / Adware Spyware apps – millions of people throughout all different countries around the world use smart phones, many of which have installed an app at one time. Increasing numbers of these apps are now being encrypted with spyware which aim to gather personal information saved within the phone and monitor what users are typing etc. AG, D. S. G. (2015) G DATA discovers pre-installed spyware on top smartphones. Spyware – programmes which monitor the activity on a device and aim to receive data for malicious intentions. They record what is being done on the device and may even have access to the camera or microphone as well. The activity is recorded and sent over the internet to the perpetrator. Ways to protect yourself from spyware/adware: - Firewalls prevent breaches in data and private information and unable unwanted things entering/leaving your computer. - Look out for symptoms (slow loading speed, unwanted pop ups). - Read T&Cs before installing programmes, they may include installation of harmful software you didn’t want. - Only download things from trusted

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