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Throughout the third quarter, the World Religions course has introduced to me several practices, traditions, rituals, and beliefs. One fact that I have learned in World Religions that surprised me the most was the Kumbh Mela festival, held in India. The Kumbh Mela is held every twelve years on a rotational basis in four of the holiest Hindu places in India. Only a couple months before the Kumbh Mela takes place, a temporary city is created from scratch along the river bank to hold over eighty-million pilgrims. Over twenty-thousand street lights, thirty thousand toilets, thirty hospitals, thirty police stations, thirty fire stations, and shelter are created to accommodate the millions of pilgrims. After two months, all of it would be removed.…show more content…
There are different assets of Samsara that can be appealing, yet still have their challenges. Personally, I find the idea of reincarnation creative and interesting itself. One aspect that appeals to me is the lack of fear of death. The idea of Samsara places us in different lives after the one we have here on earth. If we are reliant on the fact that there is something to look forward to, then we will have greater hope. Knowing that there is something after life here on earth is something that I personally have hope in. As a Catholic, I believe it is heaven, but the idea of living a new life through Samsara is something that appeals to me. On the other hand, I do find challenges when approaching the topic of reincarnation. As a Catholic, I am used to forgiveness and the sacrament of reconciliation. If I make a mistake, I am able to ask for forgiveness and renew my relationship with God. The topic of reincarnation deals with Karma. Karma is a belief that what you do in your present existence will have an impact on your future existence. This brings up question regarding the future and a fear of the future. Being able to trust that I can enter the Kingdom of God as a Catholic, gives me relief of the future, even though I may have done something wrong. With Samsara, I have no idea of what the future has in store for me due to mistakes I have

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