Effects Of Unusual Fitness Essay

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Unusual Fitness Trends You Should Try Overview There is a lot to explore when it comes to fitness, in short it cannot be exhausted. With the current high rate of creativity in the fitness industry there is much to explore. Each day there is a new trend, it is for you to discover and maybe try them. Some fitness trends can get you shocked; they can seem impossible, difficult or even hard to practice. But when it comes to fitness many people can do almost anything. Here are some of the unusual fitness trends you should try: 1. Fitness in the water Study shows that exercising in the water is more effective than the regular exercises. Fitness in water is a practice which has been on use for a long time. Some of the exercises in water include, unusual stationary bike inside a hot tub this can make the exercising exciting and fun. Bottom water aerobics, it…show more content…
The techniques involved make your body exercise with no stress. This is a great idea for lovers of classical music and dancers. The moves are done gracefully and with elegance. The workout can be challenging .For a great exercise moves with best skill development, core strength and stability is required. After the exercise exhaustion comes in, you might find it difficult to walk. Returning the next day for the ballet dance can seem impossible for many people, but with regular workouts your body adapts and the exhaustion fades away. 6. Ever thought of a backward run? That may sound impossible because first you do not see where you are heading. However this can be exciting for people who do regular exercises by running. Running everyday can get you bored trying running backwards can be a break from the regular practice. Backward run uses a third more energy than a normal run. The run is good for enhancing your concentration and increasing the metabolic rate due to the high energy expenditure cutting off some extra weight. 7. Running in a path with mud and

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