King Artabanus V: A Brief Summary

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In the year 223 to 224 AD a man called Ardashir who defeated the Parthian King at the time, King Artabanus V, which in turn began a new chapter in history of the Near East. At this time Ardashir was thought to believe that he himself was sovereign of the entire empire of Parthians, however with conquering King Artabanus V he set his sights on winning back to what he considered the former territory of Persia. On the eastern front Rome now had a new threat to face, led by Ardashir. Herodian VI was a Greek historian, who wrote a contemporary account of the roman history, from the rule of Marcus Aurelius and his death to the Persian wars, he is considered to have lived between 170 until 240. Herodian writes about Ardashir and his campaign to launch an attack on the kingdom of Parthians and the plot to take over the Roman…show more content…
During this time we learn that there were several mutinies which broke out among his troops, however, “These defections were quickly discovered and suppressed.” Herodian gives us an unclear account to what actually took place. Although in Scriptores Historiae Augustae, goes into great detail on what occurs to cause mutinies within his troops. In SHA Severus Alexander 50, 53-4 it is described how Alexander was quite strict on the troops and their use of “leisure in the women’s baths and the other pleasures…” , once Alexander found out about this he ordered all those to be arrested and put in chains. A mutiny arose within particular legions of those who had been punished for “whoring and drinking and bathing and, indeed conducting themselves in the manner of the Greeks.” In this account it can be seen that there is greater detail to what happened, whereas in Herodian’s account is very vague on the details to what the mutinies were about and how they were

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