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Three days, four hours a day. That’s all the time I had. School had just let out, and I was extremely excited for the camp. Although three days didn’t seem like much time, I was still eager to learn. I barely knew where to start. There was so much to do in such little time. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to learn to wakeboard in only three days. I had been looking forward to the camp ever since my dad bought me my Liquid Force wakeboard at the boat show earlier in the winter. My board was white, with blue and purple designs off of the sides, with the same sort of design on the back only with a black background instead of a white, and I had boots to match. The camp was in Allendale, so it wasn’t too far. I had done some research on the camp and I learned that the camp had a cable system instead of learning behind a boat, so it was supposedly easier. All I had to do was wait until June 21st. I got up early in the morning, and head off. I spent the entire car ride trying to imagine how the day would go while my music blasted through my headphones. When we got there I started to get extremely excited as I saw the sign, Placid Waters Wakepark. Once we were parked, I realized I was the…show more content…
I didn’t try the ramps and tricks like every one the other kids did, but I am extremely proud of how far I got in those short three days. I will being going back next summer, because now that I have the basics down and I’ve had a summer of practice, I will be ready to hit the jumps in no time. I doubt I’ll ever forget the three young wakeboarding prodigies in which two were named after lighthouses, the experienced blonde with the abs, and the kid who was totally lying the whole time. I can’t wait to return to Mr.Chocolate and the wakepark next season, because despite being the only girl there, I liked being the only girl with the special nickname. I’m definitely ready to be Harley

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