Okonkwo Vs Caesar Essay

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In the novels, Things Fall Apart and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, two characters titled Okonkwo and Caesar portray many corresponding attributes but also have unique differences. The connections and dissimilarities between Okonkwo and Caesar’s personalities and environments are revealed through their cultures, characteristics, and leadership styles. The cultures of Okonkwo and Caesar differ, however several similarities are apparent throughout their societies. In the Igbo culture, agriculture dictates their lifestyle. A successful harvest is necessary to the prosperity of Okonkwo’s community. In addition to the harvest of the necessary crops, a clan member’s quantity of yams owned determined their social status. Okonkwo, fortunately, had a sufficient…show more content…
Caesar’s loyal servants assisted him daily, by fetching him anything he desired. Contrariwise, Okonkwo worked in the fields despite his leadership position. Moreover, Caesar rationalizes most natural occurrences through superstitions just like to the majority of the citizens of Rome. Caesar demonstrates his superstitious principles when he instructs Mark Antony to touch Calphurnia’s abdomen after the race to hopefully eradicate her barrenness. Unlike Caesar, Okonkwo’s culture’s beliefs are centered on polytheism, rituals, and ceremonies. He considers the weather to be related to the emotions of the gods. For example, when the community considered the gods to be displeased, they would sacrifice an animal. Additionally, Igbo land culture has a myriad customs including uri ceremonies performed during marriage and trials implemented by the ugwugwu of masked men. Another tradition was that, “Among the Igbo the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten.”(page 20) Similarly, cunning orations and were meaningful to the Roman culture. Furthermore, the patriarchal family dynamic emphasized to a

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