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The American Flag One of the most patriotic symbols of our country is the American flag. It is not just a piece of cloth but a representation of how our nation was formed. The colors and symbols all represent different things. The white represents innocence, red represents bravery, the blue represents justice, and the stars represent the amount of states (National Symbol: The Flag). Over the years it has evolved and changed as states were added to the union. Not just one creator can take credit for our nation’s Star Spangled Banner. Several individuals had an active role in its creation and transformation, Including Betsy Ross and Robert Heft. The American flag as we know it was brought into our history on 1776 when Betsy Ross reported she sewed our star spangled banner. The very first flag was brought here by the British in 1775 and had, An Appealed to Heaven, printed on the top of the flag with a green pine tree in the middle.…show more content…
On September 11, 2001 Walmart's sales skyrocketed from 6,500 flags being bought by customers to over 115,000 flags being bought on 9/11 2001. The amount of flags being bought was to symbolise hope and determination as the flag sitting on top of the twin towers. When the twin tower crumbled, a flag was found in all the dust and debris. The flag even proved, that day that it is too courageous and strong. This sparked hoped for many American Citizens and people around the world (Bartiromo, Michae). Many people have made changes to our American flag. It wasn’t until 1959 that a boy named Robert Heft introduced our 50 starred flag. He was only the age of 17, when he got a project asking the student to make a 50 starred in anticipation of Alaska and Hawaii becoming states. The teacher gave him a B- on the assignment and said she would change it if the flag’s design was chosen. He submitted the flag and was informed by the president, Dwight D. Eisenhower over the phone. His grade was then changed to an A (Bartiromo,

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