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Diversity in The News: Female Directors in Hollywood Women in America have always struggled with gender discrimination. And while many things have changed, there are still cases where women aren’t given a fair and equal opportunity. One that has come into the light recently is bias against female directors. An article from the New York Times, an international influential daily newspaper distributed worldwide, discusses the American Civil Liberties Union’s push for state and federal inquiry on the hiring practices in Hollywood. It is important that we are aware of these events because equality affects us all. Many people experience Hollywood’s product daily and the findings of these investigations may change the industry in a huge way.…show more content…
But just because they are different does not mean they are lesser than others. Those who stand up for the rights of women in this regard are often called feminists. Feminist theory has developed in sociology over the years as a direct application of conflict theory. Feminist theory is described as “the view that society is filled with gender inequality characterized by women being the subordinate sex in the social, political, and economic dimensions of society” (Barkan 1.3). Simply put, the world is unfair to women and withdraws certain opportunities only because of their gender. We see strong examples of this theory in Hollywood today. Women are thought to be incapable of handling the responsibility of a director and therefore they are blatantly excluded. These events of sex discrimination reflect the occurrence of two related phenomena, the glass ceiling and the glass escalator. The glass ceiling is the invisible wall women seem to hit as they try to advance in a work place. The glass escalator is smooth path upward given to men in a workplace, especially those primarily filled by women (Barkan 8.3). These issues are evident in Hollywood and it is up to an individual to support the work being done by the A.C.L.U. and other organizations to end these unfair

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