Alloys: Non Ferrous Alloys

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NON FERROUS ALLOYS Non Ferrous alloys are used because ferrous materials have some limitations like relatively high density, low electrical density comparatively so there are more chances for corrosion. So other alloys with similar properties are like aluminium, magnesium, titanium, copper alloys, refractory metals, noble metals, super alloys are used. Alloys are primarily distinguished based on cast and wrought alloys. Cast alloys are brittle. So, deformation is not possible by various methods. On the other hand, wrought alloys are ductile and are deformable. Types of alloys: 1.Copper and it’s alloys: Pure copper which is also unalloyed copper is very soft and ductile. Copper is less resistive to corrosion. It reacts…show more content…
They are 8 in number. They are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. They are very expensive and superior in properties. They are more soft, ductile and resistive to oxidation. Examples for noble metals are Gold, Silver, Iridium, Palladium, Ruthenium, Platinum, Osmium and Rhodium. Gold and Silver are generally strengthened with the help of solid solutions by alloying with copper. Sterling Silver is a Silver-Copper alloy which contains nearly 7.5 weight percentage of copper in it. Source: Uses: Gold, Silver and Platinum are widely used in jewellery. Gold and Silver also used in small amounts medicine field to reduce physical disorders. Gold and Silver alloys are used in dental restoration materials. Some integrated circuits also contain gold and silver. Platinum is used in chemical laboratory as a catalyst and to measure high temperatures in thermocouple processes. Miscellaneous non-Ferrous alloys: Nickel and it’s alloys are called Miscellaneous Non-Ferrous alloys. They are alkaline and are highly corrosion resistive. They are used as a coating on metals which can’t resist corrosion to prevent corrosion. One such example is Monel alloy. It has 65% weight percentage of Nickel, 28% weight percentage of Copper and the remaining weight percentage consists of small amounts of Iron. Monel has high strength and is highly corrosive resistant. Source:

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