Allied Strengths And Weaknesses

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The development and manufacturing of new aircraft was a key component to the Allied victory. The structure and engines of World War I planes were superseded by sleek aluminum airframes with powerful supercharged piston engines. The British also experimented with jet engines and actually flew a few jet combat missions against the Germans. The ability to effectively manufacture aircraft became the deciding factor in air superiority. After developing the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire, the British took advantage of the simple assemble of the new aircraft and their larger industrial base to manufacture more planes than Germany could. These new aircraft proved to be very effective: the Hurricane against ground targets and the Spitfire…show more content…
Similarly, Soviet factories produced tens of thousands of new combat aircraft, most importantly, the Ilyushin IL-2, which was very effective at attacking German armored vehicles and ground troops. The Soviets also manufactured the Yakovlev Yak-1 fighter that quickly gained superiority over the German Luftwaffe. Developments in radar and location technology in Britain also corroborated the Allied the success in World War II. England constructed radar stations on its east and west coasts to scramble fighters in the event of a German bomber invasion, to position its own aircraft out of range of the German bombers, and above all, protect London. The English used their radar system, the world's first intranet, to help the Allied fighter-bombers elude Axis fighters attack Axis territories, especially in Operation Strangle, when Allied air forces bombed German communication lines, railways and roadways. Allied forces utilized photography as well to dominate the skies and the ground war. Reconnaissance aircraft flew into enemy territory to photograph troop movements and locations of key German infrastructure, leading to an increase in the knowledge of enemy intelligence and giving bombers a more accurate description of their

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