Summary Of Paul Dowswell's Second World War

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In the book “Second World War,” written by Paul Dowswell talks about the Holocaust and how this terrible event in history took so many lives and destroyed so many cities. This book focused on the terrible actions Hitler performed against the Jewish race in order to create what he considered a perfect race. Paul Dowswell also writes about the various allied countries as in the United States, the Soviet Union and Britain. He discusses the roles these countries played in order to survive the savage actions of Hitler. Three specific topics addressed in the book are the tragedy of the Holocaust, the suffering and fight for survival of the victims, and what the allied countries experienced. The first topic of discussion is the destruction and tragedy of the Holocaust, which was an event in history due to one leader Hitler, trying to create a perfect race by killing all the Jewish descendants. “... Every Jew we lay our hands on must be destroyed,” (51). This is important because this is the…show more content…
Jews were put into concentration camps like Auschwitz, resulting in the death of over one million people. Men, women, children and babies were tortured, gassed to death, shot and burned. Eventually the events of the Holocaust became about survival and the Jews were willing to do whatever it took to survive. “...(Jewish rebels) managed to fight off the Germans for at least a month from April 19 to May 16, 1943,” (51). This is important because it showed that the Jews could fight back and that they were willing to do so at great length, which worried the Germans. This is also important because it gave the Jews more confidence knowing that others were rebelling so that gave them hope that they could fight back and survive as well. Eventually the rebellion ended as the Jewish race lost confidence in themselves and went into hiding which saved about 200,000 Jewish

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