Allegory Of The Cave From Plato's Republic

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Allegory of Cave Assignment After reading the “Allegory of the Cave” from Plato’s Republic, I understand how new experiences can help enlighten people. In the allegory, four men is set free after being chained in cave for a long period of time. They are only accustomed to the shadows they see, and they formulate their ideas about life from these shadows. After one man is set free, he is able to see how the world actually is. When he returns to cave, he is rejected by his fellow men because he is not able to adjust back to being in cave. He leaves the cave and lives the world he knows sees as the truth. I can relate to this allegory because I was enlightened also by an experience. Growing up in southeastern Louisiana, I was trapped in my own “underground den” (Plato, trans. 2009) because I believed that private schools were superior to regular public schools. I can remember many instances when teachers…show more content…
I realized the culture accepted the fact that private schools are better. It did not matter how much the public school system had progressed because private education was still better. In this moment, I saw that “knowledge was truly gained by my enduring the sight of being” (Plato, trans. 2009). The odd conservations I had with the other children definitely helped me see how limited I was in my perspective. When I tried to talk to my friends about how I felt, they actually to what I said. They agreed with everything I was saying about the perceived superiority of private schools and the fact that there are good public schools in New Orleans, but it did not change anything. After our conservation was over, we would revert back to same mindset. They later discuss how their children would attend private schools and they would make sure their children would have the best decision. I would never attack someone’s dreams for future, so I would just listen how I really get into their
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