How Did Plato Contribute To The Allegory Of The Cave

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Ancient Greek Philosophy and Plato are famously intertwined as partaking in a pivotal role in the molding and embodiment of philosophical thought throughout the ages. One of Plato's most reputable contributions is that of his "Allegory of the Cave," in which its depiction is from his book, "The Republic." From the text in "Allegory of the Cave," I have learned a great deal, but from which I formed an opinion about a couple of Plato's key philosophical ideas and enlightening insight. In today's ever-growing society of avid thinkers and questioners, I believe that Plato's beliefs and teachings in "Allegory of the Cave" directly relate to people everywhere and in particular, me. As a prisoner held captive by obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression, I am fighting a battle that is unmanageably arduous to overcome. Much like the unenlightened ideas and thoughts of the prisoners that Plato references, I, like many others, have succumbed to the inevitable shadows that plague my very existence indefinitely. When reading the "Allegory of the Cave," I couldn't help but relate to it, solely focusing on what the allegory in the objects and symbols represented. Uncharacteristically, I became emotionally moved by the text, agreeing with…show more content…
one of Plato's key presumptions that the vast majority of people, including myself, are "in the dark." Whether it be the fact that the majority of us are unenlightened, or, like myself, have real life

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