Alice I Think Analysis

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Susan Judy is a Canadian writer of young adult literature. The novel “Alice I Think” is a novel that resemble a self-discovery. This novel is narrated by Alice’s modern-day journal entries to share her life as she struggles with being independent-minded. Alice was raised by parents who are hippies and all about expressing their feelings. When Alice reads the book The Hobbit, she decides that she is a hobbit. Allice gets into the characters a lot this is both emotionally and physically, Alice’s parents support her by making her a costume of the hobbit. Alice goes to school dressed like a hobbit and she realizes that she is not like everyone else. The novel mainly takes place in Smithers, where Alice grows up, but this also reflects on the…show more content…
She quickly became the victim of bullying and her parents immediately take her out of school assuming that staying away from the negative behavior would help Alice. But being home-schooled only adds to Alice's weirdness. Alice’s parents make arrangements for allices to go to therapy in an attempt to help her gain social skills. Alice's therapist ends up having a mental breakdown and is taken away. Alice blames herself for her therapist losing it and when she gets a new therapist, she does everything in her power to make sure that she doesn't push him over the edge. Bob, the new therapist, challenges Alice to set some goals that she feels will help instill some positive changes in her life and help her overcome some of her fears. Alice makes a set of goals in which she thinks will help her improve and become a normal person. She gets started on trying to accomplish these goals as soon as possible. Some of the goals Alice set for herself includes: Getting a new look, making friends outside of her family, deciding on what she wants to do for a career, meet people of the opposite sex, and learn to drive. She decides to start a new life she does this by first enrolling herself back to school as well as taking the opportunity to create a new look for
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