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Alphonse Gabriel Capone, born to Gabriele and Teresa Capone on January 17, 1899, became one of the most notorious gangsters America has seen (Bergreen pg #). Alphonse was the first child in the Capone family to have been born in America, five years after the family emigrated from Italy to Brooklyn, New York (Bergreen #). Alphonse’s older siblings were Vincenzo, Ralph, and Frank, and his younger siblings were Umberto, Rose, Matthew, John, and Mafalda. Alphonse Capone was baptized on February 7, 1899 in St. Michael and St. Edward’s Church in Brooklyn. At the time of the 1900 United States census, the Capone family was living at 69 Park Avenue in Brooklyn. Also in 1900, Gabriele Capone, a barber by trade, began taking steps to become a legal United States citizen. Al started school at the age of five, attending…show more content…
Because of his truancy, he was forced to repeat the sixth grade. At age 14, after a fight with a teacher, Al quit school with only a sixth grade education. Soon after Al left school, the Capone family moved to a larger home on Garfield Place. Nearby was a building that would soon hold significance in Al’s life: The John Torrio Association. John Torrio, the “first modern racketeer”, was “more than any other individual, responsible for the development of modern corporate crime.” (Bergreen 32?). American crime journalist Herbert Asbury wrote, “As an organizer and administrator of underworld affairs Johnny Torrio is unsurpassed in the annals of American crime. He was probably the nearest thing to a real mastermind that this country has yet produced. He conducted his evil enterprises as if they were legitimate businesses.” (Bergreen 33) It was not long before John Torrio became acquainted with young Al, essentially becoming the boy’s mentor. “If any man could be said to have invented Al Capone, to have been responsible for making him into what he eventually became, that man was Johnny Torrio.” (Bergreen

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