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Operation Barbarossa was the codename for the invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany that began on June 22, 1941 and ended on December 5, 1941. Germany’s plan was very bad and had a lot of things wrong with it. Hitler’s plan was very risky mostly because he was highly underestimating the power of the Soviet Union. Nearly the entire time leading up to the invasion many of Hitler’s officers advised him not to invade the Soviet Union, and of course Hitler did not take any of their advice. There was a rush for Hitler to invade because he did not want to lose the support of his people.. There were many flaws in his plan mainly him underestimating the Soviets. Stalin and the Soviets on the other hand made some wise decisions and a few bad ones. Stalin accepted the fact that he was going…show more content…
It was a gamble that Hitler made and he wanted to do it at Germany’s peak in 1941 while he had the support of his people. His instinct told him that if he waited any longer then his people would not support the idea. Another reason was that he wanted to invade the Soviet Union before they could mount an attack on Germany. He also wanted to take over more living-space for Germany’s growing population. Hitler had been taking over a bunch of small countries, and he expected invading the Soviet Union would be just as easy. However, the Soviet Union was not like the other countries because they had a very big and powerful army, which, as it turned out, Hitler completely underestimated. It was also very risky because the entire plan was riding on Hitler keeping peace with Britain. Another flaw was that not only did he underestimate but also the soldiers that did not oppose the plan thought it would be a quick and easy fight so they did not prepare much. For these reasons, many of Hitler’s officers strongly advised him not to invade the Soviet Union, but Hitler would not take any of their

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