Movie Analysis: Mean Streets

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Budget Mean Streets was produced by Warner Bros. and Taplin - Perry - Scorsese Production and was first released in October, 1973, in the United States. After that, the movie was released in UK, France, Sweden, and other countries early or late. The budget of Mean Street is around 500,000 dollars, while the gross of it was just 32,645 dollars in the USA. Even though many people consider to be a New York film, most of shoot were done in Los Angeles as they didn’t have enough money to complete shot in New York. At first, the script was sent to Corman and Corman said he would financed the film “if all the character were black”. Later, actress Verna Bloom helped find banker Jonathan Taplin, who agreed to support the film with 300,000 dollars. Beside, Francis Ford Coppola also financed the film. However, the total budget was limited and “clearing the songs for use in the film ended up being approximately half of its budget.” Subject Matter or Values Espoused…show more content…
That is the film depicts the real life of gangsters and paupers and most of them are offspring of immigration from Italy. As Levy say in Cinema of Outsider, “Indies’ recent prominence is directly related to abandonment of serious, issue-oriented, provocative films” (21), while most studios tend to produce movies with similar context. In Mean Street, the description of gangsters is to the point. The gangsters is not exaggerated, instead they are similar to gangsters in real life and dare not to commit a crime in broad daylight and to oppose

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