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Is Jesus Bigger than Religion? A Conversation with Shane Hipps Executive Summary Introduction “The Christian faith is defined by a lot of beautiful and astonishing superlatives – the greatest God offering the fullest life to the most fallen of creatures. (Riggins, J., Jan/Feb 2013)” Jesus is much more that any religion has made Him out to be. Throughout Shane Hipps time at the Mars Hill as a pastor, he has been questioned whether Christians have downplayed the greatness of Jesus. In understanding more about Hipps view on Jesus being bigger than religion, he points out technology and faith; the common idea in Christianity; the ramifications of heaven being future reality; Christianity claims Jesus doesn’t mean Jesus claims Christianity; the wind and a sail; critiques that Christ is bigger than Religion; and growth of humility. Intersection of technology and faith Zen Koans “They’re sayings designed to set mind off balance enough that something deeper can emerge from within you. Zen is selling water by the river.…show more content…
Jesus works in mysterious ways even when we don’t look for him to do so or even ask. Throughout the Bible, Jesus have given too many without them asking and been in places of darkness when we believe He’s always in the light. Jesus is much bigger than what we think or could ever believe. The Wind and a Sail Hipps believes that Jesus is a lot like the wind and every religion is like a sail. Every religion has its own way of praising Jesus and conveys different messages about Jesus. No matter what the religion is Jesus is always present. In Hipps opinion, Christianity is the greatest religion today but because it’s thought of as the best doesn’t mean that Christianity will have the greatest presence of Jesus. It is best that no matter what religion or faith followed be opened minded to the presence of Jesus. Critiques that Christ is Bigger than

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