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Gods and Kings are in legends and stories, they are the definition of strength and powers. In "A Monk's Tale" written by Geoffrey Chaucer, tales of the most powerful men and women are placed in one. Their life as great heroes and their fall, as they looped through fortunes wheel. Men or angels or sons of gods. Lucifer, Hercules and Nebuchadnezzar, men who's strength and wisdom surpassed that of noble men. Their life's a legend, can tell us what men and women valued most in their heroes. A Monks Tale combines different stories relating to different cultures and religions to show that although different, the values are the same. Geoffrey Chaucer decision to incorporate stories of heroes from different times and cultures helps represent the values…show more content…
This made it a powerful source of wisdom for many, because it allowed all to see how some values were shared by all. Values such a s bravery and fate, but most importantly how fortune will choose who she gives it all to and how she takes it. Lucifer is an great example of how fate can give and take. Lucifer was a beautiful angel loved by God, but because his greed and sinful nature he was expelled from heaven and taken into the darkness, where he reigns the evil and corrupt. Hercules born from a human and a god, his life was great and his strength proved his value, but his end came in the hands of a women. Both of this stories coming from different backgrounds both depict the fall of heroes by the hands of fortune. By choosing different stories readers can see different perspective of one concept and accept it as part of their own. It would also make people understand that the whole world had the value of fortune, so it could become accepted as a concept of humans not just of a select…show more content…
During this time religion played an important part of the people of the 15th century. The stories told in The Monks Tale are greatly based on stories from the Bible and Greek mythology which both consist of religious background. His choice to incorporate religion based stories was based on the fact that most stories told and heard during the 15th century came from religion. People wanted to feel protected by their religion so the stories where there to teach moral values in the form of stories that could be told by anyone and enjoyed by all. By Incorporating characters from different religious stories people could be familiar with the character and accept it more easily than if it was based on a new

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