African American Social Context Essay

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Social Context Influencing African Americans Generation after generation society has had a great influence on individuals. Often people even adjust the way they live because of the impact society and their environment has to them whether they are aware of it or not. Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, is a great example of this because the characters let their surroundings influence certain things in their lives. Social context influences African Americans’ idea of beauty, style of the living and religion. Society influences how one thinks about themselves and others in terms of beauty based on their skin color. Lighter skin is associated with beauty while those with darker skin aren’t considered as beautiful. On the other hand African Americans…show more content…
Our confidence can help influence our lifestyle choice and our environment and help shape our confidence. “. . . confidence is largely built through our dealings with the world” (Suzanne Roff). So if one is used to being around things or people that constantly put them down or make them feel bad about themselves their confidence will decrease. If someone is around the opposite, meaning things and people that uplift them they will have greater confidence. Celie’s confidence was very low because of the men in her life and the way she was treated by them. When she and Shug started to become closer she was slowly gaining confidence. Her confidence really boosted when she learned that Nettie was still alive and was taking care of her children. As her confidence increased the way she lived started to change. “Now I know Nettie alive I begin to strut a little bit. Think, when she come home us leave here. Her and me and our two children” (148). Celie begins changing when she learns that Nettie is alive and will come home because that was someone in her life that she knew loved her which helped her confidence and has given her hope that her life will get better. The fact that she knows she had children who will be coming home as well also helps because she learns that she will be able to see them again, which is something that she thought she never would because they were given

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