Nine Lives Mise En Scene

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Rodrigo Garcia is a producer and writer who directed the award-winning film Nine Lives. He was born on August 24,1959 in Bogota, Colombia. He has directed a variety of independent films and has also worked as a camera operator and a cinematographer for several films. Nine Lives was nominated for the William Shatner Golden Groundhog Award for Best Underground Movie. Nine Lives was released on January 24, 2005, the film depicts nine female protagonists and their struggles with their immediate families by using long takes in individual episodes. Garcia links the nine lives and reveals their intimate internal experience. Whether it concerns matters of race, and/or disability. The one long shot each episode had was able to show the different problems…show more content…
Although both her parents want her to go to school and spread her wings, she wants to stay with them and help out around the house. The way the camera is focused on Samantha in this scene shows how Samantha is constantly back and forth between her mother and father. It makes clear of how Samantha has a difficult decision to stay with them instead of studying away because of how she is what is keeping the house sane. The scene opens up with Samantha walking out of a dark shadow in a hallway of her home. The mise-en-scene in this scene is in a very warm small home. Samantha and her father have a humorous and fun relationship, making jokes and teasing about each other. Samantha and her mothers relationship is much more tense, with her mothers frustration and exhaustion of taking care of her husband and Samantha annoyed at the fact that her mother feels this way. The actors are dressed in simple clothing along with simple hairstyles. The props around the house show that they are a middle class family with an average home and all the props are clustered together to show the amount of small space the home has. There is low key lighting everytime Samantha is walking in the hallway, soft lighting when she is in the dining room talking with her father which can reflect on how she feels when she is with her dad, things are brighter and better. Then there is soft lighting when she talks with her mom, Ruth, in the bedroom reflecting on how gloomy she feels with Ruth talking about how exhausting her father is. The sound had a non-diegetic sound of a soft instrumental song playing while she speaks with her father, then a television sound when speaking with her mother creating different environments for each room with the different

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