Hopi Weaving Research Paper

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Hopi use weaving to uncover revelations in their life and their tribe. Weaving holds significance for the Hopi because it not only serves a practical purpose, it helps uncover a deeper meaning about life for the weaver. “Weaving is not an act in which one creates something oneself; it is an act in which one uncovers a pattern that was already there” (Loftin 4). This outlook on weaving allows for great patterns to emerge and also brings revelations to Hopi people. These patterns are seen as a way for the Hopi to understand the intention of their gods. The weaving experience helps the Hopi connect at a deeper level with one of their great deities; Spider Woman. One of the most important deities in Hopi tradition is Spider Woman. She represented the Goddess of the Earth to the Hopi. Spider Woman taught the Hopi many practical activities including how to weave.“Spider Woman was the first to weave. Her techniques and patterns have stood the test of time—or more properly, the test of timelessness—because they have always been present” (Loftin 4). When the Hopi begin a pattern, their intent comes knowing that their finished product will represent a pattern created by the deity Spider Woman. The Hopi understand weaving to be an act that connects them with the gods.…show more content…
Their calendar did not base itself on regularity, but rather it was based on tradition. “They had no interest in fixing a neatly divided calendar with regularly spaced intervals, for their goals was not scientific understanding and prediction. Instead they were preoccupied with following a traditional pattern for the organization of ceremonies that had been laid down for man's use by supernatural beings far back in the past” (Hadingham 132). Just as many of the rituals and practices, the Hopi made their calendar based on what their deities had done in the past. The calendar determined the rituals that the Hopi celebrate

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