Katniss Everdeen's Catching Fire

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The book Catching Fire is about Katniss Everdeen, a girl who have to survive the Hunger Game. First, the author introduce to us to Katniss (A.K.A Catnip), who is getting ready for the victory. When she walked home, she found President Snow in the room, giving her warning about how she started an uprising and have to stop it by being in love with Peeta (The boy she pretend to fall in love in the last book) like she never had to convince them she do like Peeta and she was just so in love with Peeta to pull out the berry in the arena to save him. If she doesn't convince them, her family is going to get killed one by one. The prep team then came and help Katniss prepare for the Victory tour. They got on a train to go to the train. During the train ride, Haymitch told he breaking news about how Katniss must marry Peeta to stay alive.…show more content…
With a old man hums a song, the peacekeeper got provoked and killed 3 people. They left district 11 after eating in a dinner and stopped reading their own extra thank you speech. Peeta then asked to marry Katniss, which Katniss of course have to expect or else she is definitely going to die. At night, the president started a party at his house. Inside the party, Katniss meets the new head gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee. After the party, Katniss and Peeta returned to District 12. In the mayor’s office, she saw an uprising in district 8 (She accidentally saw it). There, she told Gale about how president Snow is going to kill him and that she wants to flee. But Gale changes her mind when Katniss told Gale about the uprising. At the end, Katniss thought of starting her own uprising. While watching the television, Katniss realize that she would have to return to the arena since they have to draw from the existing victor in district 12, which is Katniss. She decided to save Peeta since Katniss feels like he deserve

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