Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bmw

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Marketing firstly is to fully understand consumers, what is important to them and then create values for them. First we’ll try to understand them. Either consumer or marketing specialist, we’re still humans so let us think what we would have done if we were consumers and not marketing strategists. What is important for a human being? To have food, clothing, warmth etc. Now more and more things are needed for a comfortable life. For example, fast transportation is really important nowadays, so buses, cars, motorbikes and bicycles are a new need for humans. Of course there are some extra editions of transportations which are not really needed but still very entertaining, thus people are buying them, like four-wheeled motorbike (quads) and golf…show more content…
Even though the competition is intense and the name BMW is not that famous, its spare parts are cheap and that’s a big opportunity for people with low budget that need to change a part in the car. As said above, the competition is intense and one of BMW main competitors is Mercedes , which is having a strong position in the Germany market. There’s a growth through repurchasing the cars and the company will be at an advantage if fuel prices will rise. The reason is they try to make the car consume the less fuel possible but have the same or higher level of quality when you drive and that’s what a customer actually needs. So if fuel price rise, then people will start looking for a car that consumes but is as good as the cars that consume more. But if fuel prices will fall, then there’s no need for a customer to buy a high cost structured car which is not helping the environment and in case prices for the raw materials for the car might rise a lot, manufacturers might spend more thus making less profit. But that concerns all the cars so let’s hope that these prices won’t raise…show more content…
Not only that: you can give us your old car and based on your cars condition, there will be a lower price for the new BMW. (Note: The discounts cannot be combined.) In order for people to actually realize a product (car) like this exists, we need to show it to the world and the best way to do this, is to promote this product. We will advertise BMW though new advert which are the social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and web portals, where, as soon as we open an Internet portal, the advert is on the sides of the Google Chrome or Firefox searching portal, that’s pretty noticeable and that’s what we need. We won’t forget the important traditional advertising method of course, that is TV, Radio and Printed Media (newspapers, magazines etc). For economical reasons we should avoid radio as people are not listening to it much these days. On TV there will be a 30 seconds advertisement, once at the beginning and once in the middle of summer for a week, when people have a lot of work (thanks to the tourists) and they can think of buying a new car. But mostly we will concentrate on the Printed Media, especially on the huge boards you can find in the

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