Disadvantages Of 3d Printing

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From the discovery of man’s first wheel to the creation of our everyday technology, proves our minds can cross borders, and with technology constantly seeing development, it is now possible for 3d printing. The purpose of my paper is to state several key points that talk about 3d printing, the social shaping of technology and the effects of it in a social context, from healthcare, education and manufacturing. In addition, we will be looking into its sustainability and accuracy, and how they will be controlling the products that would be produced in our households. In my paper I would also be talking about the limitations that would be set to develop/ grow and in the same time protect the society with 3d printing, its influence on the culture,…show more content…
The only limit with 3D printing is what you decide it is, it has become possible for a genius to be a genius in his own living room, all people are required to do is be creative and not limit himself of the possibilities. with 3D printing you become a consumer and a creator in the same time with the freedom to create anything you like. The creativity and open source things a 3D printer allows you to do puts us on a good path. It gives people power over companies and industries with their…show more content…
Most importantly, 3D printing is the reason for the start of a revolution in the medical fields, it has given the opportunity to create create dental implants, hearing aids and prosthesis and according to an article by Steven Leckart, 3D printing can develop more complex things such as prototype human body parts; for example, ears by scanning a design then printing it out, and prepared in three month time. The second body part prototype mentioned in the article is kidneys, it is cultivated from cells taken by biopsy and building it out of a biodegradable material. In the future they will be able to grow patients own tissue which would give them a perfect match. The third body part is the blood vessels using an open source reprap printer and costume software. And soon they will be able to rebust system is the key to eventually printing entire organs. The fourth prototype body part is the skin grafts, it is done by a customary bioprint scan and map. And the last are bones, done by a

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