How Does Iago Manipulate Othello's Character

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Iago Character Analysis The play “Othello” by William Shakespeare tells the story of Othello, a black Moor (Turk) and Desdemona, his wife, a white Venetian lady, torn apart by Iago who manipulates characters in the play in order to seek vengeance. Manipulation has been utilized in the play by different characters to deceive and gain an advantage. Iago, a compassionless and cruel man with a heart of stone manipulates good-natured minds to become as vile as a criminal's mind. Iago was jealous of Othello, and he believed that he should have been named the lieutenant, in the place of Cassio. Iago manipulates other characters in the play with lies and trickery to destroy the reputation of Othello. Iago is a master manipulator and experienced soldier…show more content…
Iago hates Othello, “a black Moor”, and his only explanation for his future acts was for revenge because he believed that, with no actual proof, Othello had been sleeping with his wife, Emilia. Othello, who truly love Desdemona, was deceived by Iago by using the kindness in Othello and used them against him. Iago makes Othello believe that Desdemona was cheating on him with Cassio. However, when Othello asked for actual proof of Iago’s allegations, Iago just told imaginary stories about Michael Cassio confessing that he lay with Desdemona. Further, Iago also planted a handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona into Michael Cassio’s room so that it looked like Desdemona had given it to him. Othello fell for the deception because he trusted Iago and even referred to him as honest. The goodness and trusting nature that Othello had on Iago was used against him. On hearing the deceiving information, Othello burns with range and orders Iago to arrange for the murder of Cassio within three days. Othello promotes Iago to lieutenant and even promises him to have Desdemona killed for

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