Who Is Responsible For Medea's Downfall

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Character Analysis Essay “Will I endure the mockery of my enemies when I’ve let them get off unpunished? “Said Medea (49-50). Medea is ultimately worried about her reputation and doesn’t want anyone to have a reason to mock her. In Euripides’ play Medea, Medea is put under a spell to fall in love with Jason, whom she marries and has children with, after he leaves her for the Princess of Corinth, Medea is determined to seek her revenge on Jason and anyone that means something to him. Medea will stop at nothing to make Jason unhappy. Throughout the story, Medea is someone who is mentally unstable and through her thoughts, actions on taking revenge, and the way others perceive her, led to her own epic downfall. One way Medea is shown to be insane is by her thoughts and plans throughout the play. At first Medea is distraught by Jason’s actions, her thoughts were full of suicide and a sense of homelessness, but she develops a deep hatred towards him, and begins to plot her revenge. She began to feel enraged by his actions and wanted him to suffer like she did. Medea…show more content…
When she was determined to kill the princess of Corinth and her own sons to get revenge on Jason, it was an obvious sign that something was wrong with her. “You will give me twice as much pleasure if they die horrible deaths” said Medea (51). The messenger had told Medea that her plan had worked and that she should flee the kingdom, but Medea wanted to hear about the horrible deaths of her victims. Medea’s plan was to kill the princess of Corinth and her father, the king, and she was delighted to hear the news that her plan of poisoning the princess and king had worked. Through these actions Medea is shown to be somewhat insane or mentally unstable. Also through these actions of revenge she is only setting herself up for failure; she will be left with no one to call

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