Hawkeye As A Hero Essay

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The Last of the Mohicans revolves around the journey of 7 people to Fort William Henry in 1775. There is no one main character, so I have decided to focus on Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a rugged, rough around the edges woodsman who travels with his Native American friends Uncas and Chingachgook. He views himself as an adventurer and a sinner. He often describes himself a man without a cross. “ I have heard preachers say, in the settlements, that heaven was a place of rest. Now men’s minds differ as to their ideas of enjoyment. For myself, and I say it with reverence to the ordering of Providence, it would be no great indulgence to be kept shut up in those mansions of which they preach having a natural longing for emotion and the chase ” (Cooper,218) I believe he also is very confident in himself, he makes friends and jokes around. I think that he may view himself as a hero, even though he doesn’t talk about it often, he tries to save the day, and often tells stories about his past deeds. Hawkeye…show more content…
The other members of the group view him as a hero. There are multiple times when Hawkeye saves the group from certain death. An example would be the time when the group was first captured by the Huron, and Hawkeye leads an attack freeing the captured group. “Duncan already the knife gleaming in the air when a whistling sound swept past him, and a was rather accompanied then followed by the sharp crack of a rifle. He felt his breast relieved from the load it had endured; he saw the savage expression of his adversaries countenance change to a look of vacant wildness when the Indian fell dead on the faded leaves on his side” (Cooper, 126) He once again saves the group from captivity when he pretends to be a bear and scares off the Huron guarding them. The Huron views Hawkeye as a menace to them. He is constantly foiling their plans, causing a strong hatred and almost jealously towards

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