Raphael, The Entembment: Leon Battista Alberti

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Raphael, the Entombment Sihyun Byun 0567060 Leon Battista Alberti, He was a humanist of the Renaissance, and he was a real Renaissance man. He was a poet, scholar and architect, painter and mathematician. Among his many accomplishments, Alberti's treatise On Painting was highly influential. It was called IDella Pittura. In 1435, the first original treatise was written in Latin in the early Renaissance. Then, It was translated into Italian the following year. Divided into three books, The main content of this article is with the technicalities of "one-point" linear perspective, the theory of human proportions, composition. Also, how can use of color, and considers the nature of beauty and art as long as the behavior appropriate to artist.…show more content…
Alberti was defined as the projected figure of lines and colors on the surface, So that he can properly render the subject as well as the technology of speech and the singer he insisted upon a certain amount of general knowledge. Those books have influenced many artist of work. Also, Raphael would be influenced by major artists in Florence and Rome. He was influence from Leon Battista…show more content…
He said, "Through the mixing of colors infinite other colors are born, but there are only four true colors - as there are four elements -. From which more and more other kinds of colors may be thus created Red is the color of fire, blue of the air, green of the water, and of the earth grey and ash. "Alberto's announced it how using the color of grace will be present. when colors are placed next to others with particular care. It was appropriate for this nymph to be given green clothes, the one next to her white, and the next red, and another yellow, and the rest should be dressed successively in a variety of colors. There is a kind of sympathy among colors, whereby their grace and beauty is increased when they are placed side by side. And when they want to using the color of the red, it must be using between blue and green, it somehow enhances their beauty as well as. He decided on the use of color. And he applied his method of Rafael in his work. So he made his work more gracious. Also, He gained to the influence of the light source.In terms of the light source is configured to be disclosed in accordance casting a shadow. This is also the reception of light construction and configure the picture. The light source comes from the left. And Nicodemus was placed in the shadow of the gown and right. The shadows are cast in accordance with the appropriate figure. He also uses light to express rank. Unlike yaesul and Gothic, express

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