Acceptance In America Essay

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Acceptance in America America would be an increasingly conservative country today if it were not for the dramatic leaps in equalities and understandings of others. In the past, minority groups have been treated unequally in many different forms such as through laws and through the public’s general views. Lately, America has been taking liberal strides by promoting fairness among humanity. Through political legislations and the public opinion turning away from discrimination and oppressive opinions, society has become more tolerant on issues regarding minorities' rights. Tolerance has become the norm for the acceptance of minorities in America; as a result giving hope and creating a more positive environment for all citizens. Concerns…show more content…
Women having equal rights and social standards allow them to be more significant in today’s society. Also giving them a sense of importance that they are needed. Today, women have masculine jobs and rights granting them control of their own lifestyles. At an industry called the Sasol Corporation, which has a majority of male employment, hires women as plant operators and engineers. Women in these job positions provide different perspectives when solving problems within the plant; these positions also show that women are capable of succeeding in employment just as men are. In particular, a woman may provide for her household as her significant-other searches for a new job. In times of distress, the woman may provide financial assistance to her family creating a stable household. Another major example of opportunities for women is being able to run for President of The United States; presently, there is a woman seeking to be elected as President of the Unites States. The position of the president has always been viewed upon as an office suitable for males. A female running for president ultimately proves that citizens do not have to rely on the male population to govern the country. Women with freedom of choice create a positive atmosphere for humanity because it shows genuine change towards equality, even in the area that

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