Abuse Of Power: Andrew Jackson And The Indian Removal Act

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Britanny Airam Fernanda Bernal Abuse of Power: Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act of 1830 Most of the people think that Andrew Jackson was a humble person because of his descent, but actually he was one of the most horrible and most cruel presidents of the United States. Andres Jackson was born in Waxhaw, North Carolina and his family was really poor. He made multiple acts during his path to the presidency. He was a man very popular among the people, a man of character and a liar. Andrew Jackson made multiple treaties with the Native Americans where he said he would respect them, their lands, and their families; unfortunately, he broke all his promises and the people who suffer the most were the Native Americans. On December 8, 1829,…show more content…
Here was where everything begins. If Andrew Jackson saw an opportunity where he can threaten the Indians he does it. If the Indians refused to sign the treaty Jackson started to threated them in a dissembled way, because he do not want that the white people saw what he was doing with those Native Americans. He threatens the chiefs of the tribes, when the chiefs saw they could not do anything he and his entire tribe decided to leave their territory. These people, the Native Americans, worried for the security of their families leave the territory. But in the history there were also people that refuse to leave their land. When threatens do not work for Jackson, he decided to force them to leave the land. This act was called “Trail of Tears” where all the Indians were forced to leave their lands, like the Choctaw and the Cherokees. Many people died in this path for many reasons, but the principal reasons were: Weather conditions, mistreatment of the white people, and scarce…show more content…
He made many promises with some people, convinced them, and to the people who he did not convince he threaten them with everything he can. The treaty that he made with the Native Americans was everything except “free and voluntary” because the Native Americans lost everything, their land, family members, and treasures and also it was not voluntary because the people who refuse to go of their original place, Jackson forced them to go with guns, or multiple threatens. The promises and constraints did not exist with this

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