The Trail Of Tears: Cruelty Of Native Americans

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The Trail of Tears Have you ever felt injustice when your brother, sister, or friend does something that is morally wrong like steal or lie and you know they're going to judge them harshly, but instead you are the one who gets punished when you made no harm? Deep inside you feel violation and infringement against your rights, you are enraged at whoever did it because now you will have to feel the sorrowful agony and burden of being punished. This is an example of unfair treatment, which is all around the world because of our poor choice as humans when having a 50-50 chance. It happened to the many American Indians such as the Cherokee, the Choctaw and the Chickasaw through the Trail of Tears, which is the path that the Indians followed with…show more content…
These caused the assumption that the American citizens were exceptional compared to Indians who were a kind of beast inferior to them, which made the new idea of racism. Racism is the belief that a race possess certain characteristics, abilities, or qualities that make them inferior or superior than other races. It was true that the Native Americans were cruel and savages in their daily life against other ethnic groups, they called them “noble savages” even though they tried to fit in the American culture, but it was not compared at the wholesale cruelty of the white men against the American Indians. They were conscious that racism was in opposition to the human rights,but still there were serious discrimination issues against indian ethnic groups all around the United States. This constant clash between this two distinct groups that had different opinions against certain things caused intolerance and depressing moments between them. Because of this ideal, the whites thought that the Indian ethnic groups didn't had the right to own the land nor did their riches belonged to them. So they abused their power of a strong central government and of majority to go into their terrain to possess them along with making the Native Americans forcefully go out of their land. Racism was a major problem between whites and Indigenous folk, were whites had all the…show more content…
First americans abused of the power of the government to drive the Native Americans from their home. Additionally, racism caused violation against the rights of land and of life of the indians. Finally westward expansion and the avarice for gold encouraged the American citizens to get up and go west not letting anyone to stop them from reaching their goal. It shoved the Native Americans out of their territory pushing them through a harsh way where they had to suffer cold and hunger for many days. "The Indians carry a downcast, dejected look, bordering upon the appearance of despair, others, a wild frantic appearance as if about to burst the chains of nature and pounce like a tiger upon their enemies...” ( Peter and Manuel 352) showed the shame the Indians had after being removed from their land. Provoking some serious impacts on the American Indians, with loads of deaths and a great deal of culture lost forever showing the little hope for the Indian culture to survive. About one fourth of the Indian nation died of the 15,000 Cherokee Indians that were removed from their country in the winter of 1838-1839. Even though the removal of Indians were for the benefit of the whites, it shows how humans tend to be unjust

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