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The Safavids were a native Iranian dynasty from Azerbaijan that ruled from 1501 to 1736, and which established Shi'a Muslim as Iran's official religion and united its provinces under a single Iranian sovereignty in the early modern period. The Safavids was a dynasty founded by one single man, Shah Ismail, who sought to bring about the rise of a new, powerful, and modern empire that people would his people would be proud of. This powerful dynasty lasted until its decline starting in 1629, leading to its initial fall in 1736. The Safavid Dynasty is known to giving way to many smart advances, as well as philosophic and religious trends. "The School of Isfahan" was both a philosophic and religious outbreak, in which the belief of true wisdom was thought to be reached by vision and illumination. The two were believed to enlighten a person to both reason and intuition. During Shah Ismail's reign, the claim to inherit Persian Monarchical status was greatly implied. Underneath the rule of Abbas I, the economy of the Safavid Dynasty was impressive. He…show more content…
The capital of Tabriz was moved to Isfahan, where Abbas I started to build up the Safavids once again to its powerful state. During the trial period of peace between the two empires, Shah Abbas I made it his goal to bring up the military excellence of the empire. He reorganized the soldiers into a standing army, and started the use of gunpowder. They recaptured Baghdad from the Ottoman Empire, and forged a relationship between Iran and Europe. In the way of economy, Abbas caused the Dynasty to swim in their wealth and power. He broke the Portuguese hold on trade with Asia, and forged commercial treaties with Great Britain and the Netherlands. He also secured overland trade routes between the east and west, and silk and Persian carpets were main exports to help the

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