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History of a baseball team- The Los Angeles Dodgers One of baseball’s featured team of all time is the Los Angeles Dodgers they are members of the national league west division the team was established in 1883. But the team’s original city is Brooklyn New York but before all of that the team had many nicknames before becoming the Brooklyn Dodgers definitely in 1932. The team played their first four seasons in Los Angeles at the “Los Angeles Memorial Stadium” before they moved to their now current stadium “Dodgers Stadium” which is the third oldest baseball park in the world! ( Sports Reference LLC., 2000-2014) Throughout the Dodger’s team career they have won six world series titles, and 22 national league pennants, and on the pitching side of the Los Angeles Dodgers there have been eight cy young award winners that have pitched for the Dodgers, and also the total team pitching staff has won a total of 11 cy young awards and that is a MLB record! Now let’s take a look at the Dodgers current active batting lineup, the first batter in their lineup is Dee Gordon, Second you have my favorite player that is in the league is Yasiel Puig, Third you have Hanley Ramirez, fourth you have Adrian Gonzalez, fifth you have Matt Kemp, sixth you have Andre Ethier, seventh you have Juan Uribe, eighth you have…show more content…
For scoring runs this season they are ranked sixth with 718 runs scored, next for batting average as a whole team they are ranked 3rd overall with a team batting average as .265 which is not too bad, then for on base percentage they are ranked 1st which is very impressive in my opinion with an astonishing .333 on base percentage as a team, and finally their slugging percentage which is not to great but they are ranked sixth overall with a .406 slugging percentage so overall the team is doing actually really well. (License, 28 September

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