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Becoming members of Society: The Social Meanings of Gender Aaron Devor Aaron Devor is a sociology connoisseur and a profound specialist on the study of gender roles and sexual orientation. Throughout his tenor as a professor and academic director of Transgender Achieves his ideas of social construct have sparked a huge impact on today’s society. “Devor explains,” that, grouping yourself in a gender is merely just a thought that is instilled on to us based on the people that we are exposed to. Gender classification plays a prominent role in today’s society and we ask ourselves many questions to see which category that we fit into. The next time you are in a situation that questions your femininity as a man or your masculinity as a woman think…show more content…
I think that our society today is stuck on these social rules that we don’t even know ourselves. I could relate when Devor explains that men extend and maximize their space and extend their arms and legs rather than women being stiffer and closed in to their body. Our society as a whole needs to break these gender codes because they are limiting us completely. We need to be more open on how we act and to not base everything on how we would be judged. I think that the group’s that we place men and women into need to be eliminated because you can’t categorize these individuals just on these characteristics. For example we as a society are not open to change or something different and are not open to people when they come out as gay or transgender. Devors arguments relate to the relationship that I have with my cousin Josh and how we have grown over the years. He is from an upscale area in Sacramento, CA where he lives with his mother. Every time he came down to Louisville for our family reunions our family used to call him strange and weird because he didn’t play football and basketball with the rest of us when we went out. He would always sit by himself and read, rather than being outside and doing what everyone else was doing. On the last of the 3 day reunion at karaoke night he announced that he was gay because everyone kept pressuring him about why he wouldn’t act like all the other men around
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