Biddy Mason Vs. Chester Domanski

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Alexandra Domanski History 369 Pendleton Life in Times Approach/Compare and Contrast Biddy Mason vs. Chester Domanski In my paper I will be taking a life in times approach to compare and contrast the lives of the innovator Biddy Mason and my grandfather on my dads side, Chester Domanski. I will compare their lives in sections based on their childhood and life growing up/background, their fight for freedom, and the impact they made on their families and the personality traits that lead me to compare them to one another. Although there was a twenty-nine year gap between the time that Biddy Mason passed away and the time my grandfather was born, they both have similar traits, beliefs, and ideas that have led me to compare and contrast their…show more content…
Unlike Mason, Chester did receive a formal education while growing up in Poland. Growing up Chester trained to be a machinist. One day when he was 17 years old Russia began taking over Poland. His coworkers and him began hiding the machines so they would later be able to make guns with them to fight the Russians. While crossing a bridge on his way home he ran into a man who told him that he was now on Russian territory. He told the man that he lived across the bridge but was told no. Chester waited till night and decided to swim to get home. He was caught and then led to an interrogation by a young Russian…show more content…
Biddy herded the cattle and was the lead midwife, where she cooked, took care of animals and the other travelers. She carried her youngest on her back which just begins to show her dedication to her children. Once they made their trip to Salt Lake City area the decided to continue on to San Bernardino, California. She walked yet again through the mountains with her children. In 1856 with the help from Charles Owens, Bitty Mason petitioned and was given her freedom as well as the other slaves that were brought to California with Smith. She moved to Los Angeles where she became a nurse and midwife was she helped many with their births. Her wages of $2.50 saved over a number of years allowed her to buy property, and she was one of the first African American women to own property in the Los Angeles area. She was able to rent out her space to others in need. She then became a founding member of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church where she helped many charities with her grown wealth, and was able to help feed the and shelter the

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