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Activity 3: Stakeholders Introduction: I will be explaining to you what stakeholders are and what different kinds of them do for Tesco’s and how each one helps them in trying to keep a good amount of profits. What are stakeholders? A stakeholder is any group of people who have a concern in the business. They also have an impact on how a business is run. They don’t always have a financial impact but every person as a stakeholder has in some way an impact on a business. In Tesco the stakeholders are (in order of importance) 1. Customers- the people who buy a business’s products. 2. Owners/shareholders- the people who own a part of a business or own the whole of a business. 3. Employees- the people who work for a business and try to promote their business. 4. Government- they have rules that businesses have to follow and abide by. 5.…show more content…
They do this at times of which they think that mothers and fathers will be watching TV. They do a very good job as well by advertising in tourist information desks, as many people when coming to an area for holiday for example, they may need to pick up something they may have forgot. They advertise their many offers to attract new customers, for example: Tesco use the slogan ‘Every Little Helps’ to help them with trying to get into getting new customers and trying to beat the competition e.g. Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury and more recently Lidl and Asda. How Tesco retains customers Tesco manage to retain customers by offering regular customers Clubcard which gives customers special deals and money of future shops at Tesco. Tesco also currently offer an offer where customers can get a certain amount of money of their petrol which would greatly make customers want to shop at Tesco so that they can save money. However Tesco’s customer service is not what is ideal and could be drastically

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