Comparing The Tell-Tale Heart And The Monkey's Paw

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“The Tell Tale Heart” Classic horror stories are very common around the world.In this book, the narrator goes absolutely insane. The eye of the old man fancies him mad, and madmen know nothing. It’s even scarier to think that the old man knew nothing of this because the narrator hides all his thoughts and evidence. As he plans to kill the old man, he stalks the old man every night while he sleeps, and that’s a little creepy. “The Tell Tale Heart” is a better classic horror story than “The Monkey’s Paw” because the narrator stalks the old man, he hides all his thoughts and plans about the man, and the narrator is insane. The narrator stalked the old man for a whole week before he actually killed the old man. He moved slowly so he wouldn’t wake the old man, and it took hours. He said, “Every night, just at midnight, I turned the latch on the old man’s door and opened it slowly not to wake the man, and I watched him” (233). He never found the old man’s eye open, so he kept coming back to watch the old man. This adds to the horror of the story since most people don’t have to worry about someone watching them as they sleep.…show more content…
The narrator had tricked the man by talking to the man as if they were friends. He even said, “I was never kinder to the old man than the week before I killed him” (233). The narrator walked up to the man and talked to the man considerably as if nothing was wrong. The old man would have been clever to suspect every night the narrator looked upon him. This adds to the horror of the story because most people wouldn’t suspect a kind man to be your

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