Sainsbury's Owners Are Only Interested In A Business Essay

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Stakeholders of Sainsbury’s Owners- Owners will take an interest in a business because eventually they will want their business to grow and expand. This is to maximise profits and make the business become more of a recognised firm. Another factor in an owner taking an interest in a business is that they will want to make as much profits as possible. This is to ensure they are running a successful business. If an owner is in control of a business they will want to ensure that their business is ethical and have the best reputation possible. If they aren’t making as much profits as they can they may release some staff so they can make more profits. The owner can respond to this by investing more into the market such as advertising. This will help the business to become more recognised and hopefully they will get a better reputation and increase sales and revenue. If this doesn’t happen for the owner, he/she will reconsider her role at the firm and may quit the job and go and work for a rival firm such as Tesco/ASDA. Employees- If an employee is working for a business they will want to be working in a good safe working environment so they feel happy about going to work. This will keep the…show more content…
This will ensure that the suppliers will be making a lot of profits because there stock will be getting sold quickly. Suppliers will also want the firms that sell their products to advertise them so they can maximise profits and get their stock sold in bulk. Adding to my last point suppliers will want to get their stock sold as quickly as possible to keep firms/customers happy. If firms decide to buy in bulk then the suppliers can offer them deals so they can sell more stock more often. If suppliers aren’t selling their stocks or firms aren’t selling the stock which is sold to them, they may reconsider who they are selling to because they won’t want to face

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